Mira is dreams. A project that we have been carrying in our minds for a while and finally managed to bring to light. Some parts needed time to mature, some, on the contrary, happened very spontaneously. Just like in nature, right?

It all starts with vineyards, as always: over the past couple of years, we have managed to acquire very interesting vineyards, in locations with a unique character. From the very beginning, we wanted to work with them in a slightly different way, to look for ways to let nature, freedom, art, and beauty – things that are essential in our lives – thrive.

Our hands are very, very light when guiding the vineyards. There is no cutting, rarely a human hand touches the vines. The shoots are literally allowed to touch the sun. We believe that this approach instills a particular character in the wine, liberty of movement that translates also to what's in your glass. The most important thing for us is to bring you joy, the opportunity to dream and fly with us.

Working in the cellar is all about the power of the moment. The magical moment of birth and transformation. We don't want to imprint any preconceived ideas on the wine, quite the contrary. We decide on the go, we let ourselves be fascinated, taught, and enriched by the wine itself, free from tradition, prejudices, and established patterns. We watch in wonder as a new individuality emerges. No standards, no comparison. We want to foster positivity, beauty, and life. These are our dreams.

Mira and Milan Nestarec

Inspired by Mira's background in dance and art (she's originally a ballet teacher), we dedicate the labels to these beautiful beings whose character reflects the wines.

Riesling – Virtuosity, depth, and intensity

Vintage 22
Sandy soil, 33-year-old vineyard. Riesling that underwent partial carbonic maceration in open vats and completed fermentation in 1100-liter acacia barrels. Bottled 6 months after harvest directly from the coarse sediments.

On the label: Vaslav Nijinsky (1889 – 1950) – Russian dancer and choreographer of Polish origin, admired for his seemingly gravity-defying leaps.

Cab Franc – Expression, catharsis, ecstasy

Vintage 22
Sandy soil, 17-year-old vineyard. Cabernet Franc very briefly fermented on whole clusters with stems, completed fermentation in older 450-liter oak barrels. Bottled directly from the coarse sediments after 8 months.

On the label: Mary Wigman (1886 – 1973) – German dancer and pioneer of expressionist dance, famous for her statement "We don't dance history, we dance feelings"

Sav Blanc – Spirituality, mysticism, and Eastern philosophy.

Vintage 22
Clay soil, 25-year-old vineyard. Sauvignon Blanc fermented with a portion of whole berries in a 1000-liter acacia barrel. Bottled from the coarse sediments, 6 months after harvest.

On the label: Ruth St. Denis (1879 – 1968) – American modern dance pioneer who paved the way for other women in the field.

Pinot Noir – Abstraction, creativity, evolution

Vintage 22
Vibrancy, compelling urge to drink again and again.

Sandy soil. 15-year-old vineyard. Semicarbonically macerated, highly lively Pinot Noir. Aged in older 450-liter oak barrels. Bottled from the coarse sediments after 8 months from harvest.

On the label: Lester Horton (1906 – 1953) – American dancer known for his unrestricted, dramatic freedom of expression, drawing on a variety of dance techniques from Native American to Japanese styles


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